Conscious Woody Harrelson Poem we made into an AWESOME song…

Heres our first official single, Thoughts From Within, released on Jan 20 2017, words by Woody Harrelson…

Zeeka made the music, playing the bass & guitars. All was going well and then we lost all the tracks lol.. It’s not the best mix but it was cool enough that we wanted to preserve it and share it.

***Nowadays this song is FUNK… YES FUNK BASS BABY and totally different. We are “jam-band” so we can get away with never playing our songs the same! Thats the fun of creation!

Just posted a “Live Cosmic Collection” (of some of our jams)

Finally have our first set of 15 songs for our upcoming studio album due out later this year!

We really love listening to these live versions of a few of our favorites recorded here in Costa Rica… figured we may as well share the love!

Download below

So excited. about to announce our band…

Well this is exciting, a lot of hard work is paying off. We have been playing our first gigs recently so we figured its time we finally got our websites up and recorded some tunes we wrote…. almost done.. can’t wait to share our songs and get this show on the road!

This is the a video our friend Conga Mike took with his iphone in the ‘studio’ last night… Jam Sessions never stop in the jungle… except when the electricity goes out… which sucks in the middle of an epic jam ha-ha!