Emerging California/Costa Rica jam band duo Frequency 432 merges conscious lyrics, improvisational psychedelic rock, reggae, s/s, blues, jazz & tribal rhythms for ‘cosmic jam-band’ sound explosion that melts in your ears.

Formed in late 2016 by Niko and Zeeka and is best seen live.

Zeeka writes the songs often using a looper pedal to fill in the sound, even looping bass and guitar on the same song. Niko adds his unique energetic style of drums to the mix. The music ranges from subtle nuances to unexpected but wonderful in your face wall of sound.

Frequency 432 is on tour internationally throughout the upcoming year.

The first official single is Thoughts From Within, a political poem written by Woody Harrelson, released on Jan 20 2017; there is also a funky live version of this song that is completely different.

The second single Kundalini is officially released Feb 24 2017.

The 15 song studio album ‘9 is Divine’ is expected to be released by the end of Fall 2018.

Frequency 432 is the frequency that the instruments used to be tuned to prior to 1940’s and it is the most harmonious to the human body.




“Frequency 432 is a band I met and recorded at the Barter Faire. This duo consists of Zeeka on guitar and vocals and Niko on drums brings a wide range of flavors together to create music that is, at times, soulful, funky, and witty, and in other moments, urgent, quirky and frenetic. Zeeka’s intensely personal, biting lyrics cut to the chase as she rhythmically strums out the accompaniment to her rich, mezzo soprano voice. Niko’s battery provides the glue that holds these eclectic stylings together to deliver a clear message.

With a sound that goes beyond the predictability of the White Stripes or The Black Keys, this colorful duo handles all of their own management and marketing in a way that exemplifies the Indie musician’s model. Expect greatness from this driven and passionate band.”

Mark – Bluejay Productions